Synopsis: Users often get stuck when they have to transfer data between two SQL server databases. This happens due to several technical errors & lack of core knowledge of SQL Server. Through this guide, we’re going to provide users with the best way to execute this database migration operation. Indeed, there are several challenges that users have to counter. Therefore, we’re going to mention these challenges below for users. This will give them an idea of what they have to deal with.

The manual & automated solutions are also present in this guide for users to have a detailed understanding of the entire task. However, IT experts do not recommend users to opt for the manual solution as it is quite tricky. Any single mistake in the manual method to copy data between two SQL servers can have severe consequences.

Read the entire guide without skipping any of the sections in order to get complete information. The accurate execution of the task with the right tool & technique can definitely provide users with their expected results. Let’s continue the article & first learn about the manual solution.

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Copy Data Between Two SQL Servers - Manual Method Blueprint

When we talk about the manual method, the first thing that comes to our mind is errors. This is because users always mention errors in their emails. There is a reason for that too. First of all, this task isn’t a direct one. There is no direct manual method. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Task 1: First of all users need to take a complete backup of the entire SQL Server database in their local system. They can either take this backup in form of MDF files or SQL-compatible scripts. There are complex manual scripts available that users need to use for getting the backup file. Around 10 to 15 % of users fail here.

Task 2: Now, users need to repair any of the damaged or corrupt database files present on the server. This is the most difficult task to execute using manual scripts. The reason is clear. Users are not technically proficient enough to do that. To transfer data between two SQL servers manually, one mistake can wipe out the entire database. 50% of users fail this task.

Task 3: Finally, users need to export this backup to the new SQL database server. This is again a complicated procedure to do with scripts. Around 25 to 30% of users fail here. Apart from the technicalities, manual solution is slow. It is not at all efficient & users may have an appealing experience with it.

Automatically Transfer Data Between Two SQL Server Databases

As we know that the manual solution is not that great, it’s time for users to focus on the automated solution. Here, things are pretty simple as the latest technology is involved here. First of all, there is a SQL Server Migration Tool present that is the first preference of IT experts. Download this advanced tool & then simply go for the further steps.

This automated solution is meant for this task. Download & install the task in your system & then follow the below-mentioned step-by-step tutorial. Don’t skip any of the steps to avoid all kinds of challenges. Focus on executing these steps to transfer data between two SQL servers.

Step-1. First, Open the Software & then simply Go to the Open option.

step-1. open option

Step-2. Select the Mode of data transfer as Online or Offline one.

step-2. select online or offline mode

Step-3. Preview the DB Objects and confirm the files you want.

step-3. preview database

Step-4. Now Set the Export options as per your requirements.

step-4. select export options

Step-5. Finally, Hit the Export button to finish off the task.

transfer data between two SQL server databases

Transfer Data Between Two SQL Server Databases - Challenges to Counter

It’s time to be aware of the challenges that users are going to face in this operation. Understanding the challenges is like being aware of the crux of the matter. Users can prepare themselves for upcoming challenges as well. 

Note: These challenges mainly trouble users with manual methods. The automated solution is capable enough to avoid all of these challenges with ease.

  • A damaged database can always create hindrances in the migration operation.
  • Users often face critical difficulties in executing the SQL scripts in their systems.
  • There’s no advanced feature present manually that helps to boost the task speed.
  • To copy data between two SQL servers, users need to be technically proficient also.
  • There can also be some compatibility issues present in the database objects as well.
  • Selection of the right tool & technique is another major challenge for users in this case.

In A Nutshell

After having a detailed discussion on the topic, this article is going to end. We are hoping that troubled users are now confident enough to execute their own SQL server migration operation. It is indeed tough to transfer data between two SQL server databases without the right tool & technique. Therefore, select the automated tool as it is even the recommendation of IT experts.

The manual solution may also provide users with results but there is no surety. Users can take risks when it’s about their most crucial asset, the data. If you guys want to copy data between two SQL servers using the manual method, always take a backup before as this can go severely wrong as well. Otherwise, simply opt for the automated solution.